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Our team



Lucas was trained at the Ferrandi cooking school in Paris, one of the most prestigious in France. With his experience in major starred restaurants such as Ledoyen ***, Grand Vefour ** and Mirazur ***, he has acquired a solid reputation for his exceptional know-how. Working closely with his partner, Jeanne, they are both perfectionists in their culinary arts, always looking for new ideas and innovative techniques to improve dishes, which allows L'Arazur to offer creative, innovative and refined, with particular attention paid to fresh, quality products.


Restaurant Manager

Jeanne is our room manager, passionate about the art of catering, she began her career by obtaining a diploma in Culinary Arts and catering management at the Paul Bocuse Institute. His experience in renowned establishments such as Le Bristol **, L'Astrance *** or even Jean Georges *** (New-York-City) has enabled him to acquire in-depth knowledge of the service in the dining room and the high standards customers of high gastronomy. Jeanne is a key figure at L'Arazur thanks to her passion, her dedication to excellence and her ability to interact with customers to meet their needs.


Maitre d'hôtel

Andrea has an unfailing knowledge of the restaurant and its operation, having worked there for many years. Thanks to this experience, she is able to answer all questions from customers and guide them throughout their gastronomic experience. Andrea has a warm and caring approach, she puts customer satisfaction first. She takes the time to understand their preferences and needs, and works closely with Lucas and Jeanne to ensure that everyone receives personalized, top-quality service. Her passion for hospitality shines through in every interaction, she is known for her kindness and patience no matter what the requests.

Our team is made up of professionals passionate about the art of gastronomy and hospitality. Each member of the team works together to create an exceptional dining experience for every customer who enters the restaurant. Lucas and Jeanne are the key figures in the team, bringing their culinary expertise and creative vision to create innovative and refined dishes that delight the taste buds of their guests. At their side, a team dedicated to achieving quality dishes, rocked by their own expertise and their passion to create an unforgettable gastronomic moment, leaving everyone happy and satisfied.

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